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Known Titles:
Wood Whisperer. The boss.

Co-owner of Aeonic Kitchens and certified wood whisperer. Growing up Herman had a passion for building anything out of wood. It is unclear at what age he started whispering to his projects. High school gave him the opportunity to hone his skills. He then went to Conestoga College and completed the architectural Millwork Co-op program. After working in the wood industry for four years he founded
H² Custom Woodworks, servicing Listowel and area with his custom creations. In January, 2020 he joined forces with Jason Hovius of JWood Kitchens & Baths to create Aeonic Kitchens.


Known Titles:
Vice-Wood Whisperer.
Shop singer/general noise-maker.

When he was a kid, wood was Jason’s go-to material. Woodworking classes in high school and college further inspired him to try stuff on his own. On the weekends he would play around in the shop with materials and designs that he was thinking about during the week. After college, Jason did a combination of some part-time work and a variety of side jobs on his own. In 2015, he began doing freelance drawings and design for a few local furniture and cabinet companies. A few years later he purchased JWood Kitchens & Baths, one of the shops that he had worked with. This led to the creation of AEONIC KITCHENS, which he founded with Herman Siebring, the acclaimed wood whisperer from H² Custom Woodworks.


Known Titles:
Common sense expert.

At 15 years old i started in the Construction industry building chicken barns and I always knew that working with my hands was the life for me. Moved on to the steel industry for a few years cutting steel and rebar,  Also did some service work as a road service technician Yes even those monster tires on heavy equipment and tractors (no gym membership need!) I was then asked to join my Father in laws business Johnston’s Custom Cabinets where i spent 10 great years and developed the skills and passion for cabinetry until his retirement, from here is where i meet Herman and was giving the opportunity to continue my passion at H² Custom Woodworks. Moving to Aeonic Kitchens I’m excited to help people make their dreams big or small become a reality!


Known Titles:
Dust Chaser. Master Builder. General Workaholic.

Growing up, Naomi loved drawing and being creative. It was not until high school that she really found her passion for woodworking. She took a couple co-ops in high school at local shops and then went on to college. She took the Woodworking Technology program at Conestoga college. During College she worked at more local shops on her Co-op terms. At college she really found a love for finishing and designing. After college she worked at another local company as a finisher and later a designer. In early 2020 she started working at Aeonic Kitchens.

Our Living Wage Commitment:

We believe that anyone who works in today’s economy deserves a fair wage with which they can support themselves and their families. It is unconscionable that anyone should be denied the basic dignity that comes with providing for one’s own needs, especially if they are active in contributing to the local and global economy.

We at Aeonic Kitchens pride ourselves on supporting our local economy any way we can. We believe giving our employees a livable wage is the start of a sustainable economy and empowers them to pass that onto others.

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Our Team
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